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Hello everyone. In this topic we will explain to you the most frequently asked questions from everyone


What is the server's CAP And Race?
- CAP 110 EU/CH

What is the maximum limit for accounts?
- PC Limit : 3 IP Limit : 3 ( PC Limit is 2 With Extra 1 Character as Stall Only! )

What is the maximum limit within the Guild and Union?
- Guild Limit Members : 24 Union Limit : 2

Is the Exp rate in the bot the same as a normal client?
- Yes, the rate is equal in all bots and clients.

How long will it take to level up?
- Exp Rate 10x ( it may take up to 7 consecutive days.)

Are there quests that help us level up?
- We decided to assist you on your path to level 110 because, to us, reaching the maximum level through grinding, leveling up, and hard work is one of Silkroad's most recognizable difficulties. that is by including original stuff for you. In addition to adding awesome gifts that will aid you in your SROTimes journey, we replaced the original Potion npc Quests. Levels I through 110 will have quests for them. (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110).

What is the Main Town and where can I find all the special NPCs?
- The town is Donwhang and you will find all the NPCs there

How do I obtain ADV B elixir?
- Destroying Son+7 Or 100% Stats ( Obtaining An Elixir Is Not 100% Guaranteed )

How do i get Free Silk?
- Silk obtained by toggling "silk per hour"

- Play Events in beta
- Rewards Available Within the Discord Server.


Where is the Mini Mall located, and what can I buy there?
- It's located next to the blacksmith in DW
- Using gifted silk you can purchase item mall item

Where can I use Pandora boxes?

- These are enabled in Baghdad only

How can I avoid getting banned from the server?
- Follow the server rules and make sure you will not get banned completely Official Rules (Here)

Is there Automatic Equipment?
- Yes Open Action Window "A" ( At each level new items are available and you will get an item (with the blue of the degree) And +3 Stats (41%) Up to level 99 )

Are there rewards for Player Level up?

- For The top 100 Player to Reach Level 100 there will be a unique award this reward will be granted based on your HWID
- First 1000 Silk
2 to 8 750 Silk
9 to 50 500 silk
- 51 to 100 250 Silk

How many Dungeons are there in SroTimes?
- 4 Dungeons Sealed Dungeon (Solo) Baghdad Arabia (Party) Forgotten World Nova Dimension You can purchase these Dungeons via NPC With Gold (and complete their Quests)

What is the job system?

- Hunters Profit is 0.5x You will get 50% of original 5* Trade Price.
- Thieves Profit is 1x You will get 100% of original 5* Trade Price.
- Traders Profit is 1.5x You Will get 250% of the original 5* Price.

How can I play on Honor Buff?
- Uniques

- Jobbing
- Events

- Quests

Will there be a chance for the Chinese player to play inside the server?

- Of course, Srotimes always cares about all players, and there is the Chinese balance

Can I sell silk or items I get from the server without any management contracts?
- Of course you can, but be sure to follow our rules. (Also, we do not welcome resellers)

How do I obtain EGY items?
- Tradable; Arena Coins + Gold Coins + Silver Coins + Gold.
- Untradable: Using Copper Coins + Iron Coins + Arena Coins + Gold.

How do I obtain coins?

- Iron Coins = By Jobbing
- Copper Coins = Holy Water Temple Quest
- Gold coins = Uniques

I'm unable to attack a unique I have managed to find
- Uniques have to types to make gameplay fair;

- Int / str if you are a character that is attempting to attack
- A unique that does not match your build you will receive a error

- And be unable to attack.

Will I receive reward or points from a unique if my party kills?

- Yes, if your party manages to kill the unique.
- This does not apply to FGW/HWT quest uniques

I bought silk but I haven't received it
- The speed in which the silk is delivered depends
- On the payment method used. Once the payment is
- Confirmed the silk is automatically added to the account.
- If the payment is confirmed and you haven't received.
- Please open a ticket via Discord

I destroyed my item when doing alchemy. Can I get the item back?
- No, the item will not be returned.

What are the new Special features within SroTimes?
- Battle Pass

- Hall Of Fame
- Daily Spin
- Voice Chat!
- Auction House
- Web Mall
- Daily Attendance
- Daily Offers

- Player Statistic

Devil Spirit Levels Rates?
+0 15%
+1 15%
+2 15%
+3 20% + ignore
+4 20% + ignore
+5 25% + ignore

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